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Honu House Hawaii provides a safe and comfortable home for adult men who have successfully completed residential treatment from substance abuse. Our home serves men who are motivated and willing to transition from active addiction into a recovering lifestyle. Our clients are treated with the upmost dignity and respect, while living in a semi-structured and supportive environment. We practice living life on life’s terms with other recovering addicts, while having fun!



Having personally recovered from active addiction, we understand the struggles of early recovery. At Honu House Hawaii, we are committed to providing the best environment for mental, physical, spiritual, and social development.  Residents will practice a continued “12-step approach,” gain self-confidence, and develop new life skills. Our clients will learn honesty, accountability, service work, and what it means to be a person of integrity. It’s our mission to have fun in sobriety while becoming self-supervised and self-sufficient.



Many addicted people use drugs and alcohol because they are unable to face life on life’s terms. Over an extended period, substance abusers can feel hopeless. Addiction does not happen overnight and neither does recovery. At Honu House Hawaii we prefer the term “discovery,” rather than “recovery.” This is about aligning with a new way forward, unlike anything our clients have ever experienced. Statistically, the standard model of 30, 60 or 90-day residential treatment will likely fail. Remaining focused on recovery first, our chances of a relapse-free, lifelong self-discovery, are dramatically increased. This has been our experience. Paradise is calling. Aloha.”



Honu House operates on a month-to-month rental agreement and does not require a contract or commitment from residence, although we highly recommend staying a minimum of 3 months (and no more than 9), to receive the full benefits of our living experience. For those residents wishing to make a 90 day commitment to their journey with us, full airfare will be provided by Honu House from any U.S. state. 




John Burke 

John Burke is owner and co-founder of Hawaii Island Sober Living, "Honu House." Before getting sober, John was a chronic relapser. He slowly learned that "self-knowledge availed him nothing.”  After more than a decade in recovery, he learned the true meaning of surrender and helped form “Honu House,” a Hawaii Island Sober Living home for men.  John’s lengthy experience in 12 step based programs has helped create a new foundation for men to succeed in their recovery.  He believes that it is only after an ultimate act of humility, self-sacrifice, and surrender, that we can begin to live freely.  John now devotes his life to his passion for helping others find freedom from addiction.




Ben Ratliff -  Senior Resident Manager 

Originally from Austin,Texas, Ben spent the majority of his teenage and adult life struggling with alcohol, substance abuse, and a wide variety of behavioral addictions. He used all of his addictions and alcoholism as a coping mechanism for the internal conflict(s) that he was constantly experiencing. Unable to quit and desperate for answers, he finally got honest about his hopeless situation and asked for help. He moved to Kona in 2016 to rigorously pursue long-term sobriety, in hopes of truly experiencing life for the first time. His faith and his willingness throughout the process sparked a new spiritual relationship with his higher power, God, which he now passionately enjoys sharing with others. As a fitness enthusiast, Ben also enjoys all types of physical activities, outdoor recreations, and loves to share his experience, strength and hope within the recovery community. 



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