Hawaii Island Sober Living LLC presents Honu House Hawaii DBA.
Honu House is Hawaii’s premier all men’s recovery home providing a safe haven for men transitioning from active addiction into a life of clean and sober living.




Ease the transition of recovery in our modern, spacious, and relaxing clean and sober estate in tropical Kailua Kona,  Hawaii.




We know firsthand the struggles of learning how to walk the clean and sober path. Honu House is our way of supporting fellow men on their journey into recovery.



More than just a bed, Honu House is designed to give you the tools you need to thrive, one day at a time. 

Just living in the company of others in recovery can allow people to:

Share stories
Find role models
Discuss their concerns openly
Mentor others
In a study of this issue, in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, researchers found that participants in a sober living home had significant improvements in mental health.

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